Better Off Dead


I may not have the moves
But I do know how to groove
And I'm not the kind of cat that easily lead


Believe in Love


I know it's hard to keep your faith
I know the smile has left your face
Believe in love
It's real it's pure
Believe in love


With a Thrill


Like a blue water frog
Nesting on a log
you became immune




She sees what she's showing
 And feels without knowing


Coins of hope


Yes it's true
I would have traveled for a lifetime seeking you


All in good time


Love is there for me and there for you
No longer pursuing the cheap thrill
I no longer need to lie


Game caled life


You see me standing here alone but I'm with you
 And I feel that you're with me too
And I need to find some approval
 And everything's gonna be alright
 Once I find my way in this game called life




 In my head there was a space
 Which allowed the foot in my face
 Time to tighten up on that slack
 Time to get the knives out of my back


The Worlds' For Giving


The worlds' for giving
but we're hung up on the cost


Distant Traveler


Wandering heart was it love or a show
Did I play my part

 Guess that we'll only know 


All I Can Ask


Saw the play
read the book
Your fading smile
a passing look


Emotional Treason


You're owed happiness
You've the nerve to say
Walk in Jackie Robinson's  shoes for day




Beyond gender
Beyond race
beyond time beyond space
Our love is universal




One of the times we'll follow one of our dreams
 And jump the broom


In a ditch


It's encouraging that a younger generation is picking up on what I'm putting down.


Much to be Thankful for


It's a rich experience being there for someone else as opposed to simply being there for yourself.


It's been a good year


Pryor 2 What ? Records & Publishing has nearly 3 dozen songs licensed


Find your voice


As a publisher, I get to hear music before it's released to the public. Much of it more of the same that I've heard over the last 20 yrs.


The long haul


While pursuing my goal of financial independence through music publishing over the last 37 yrs, I've found that more often than not it is an endeavor of the loner.


I am Industry


Thanks to I now have 4 songs licensed to 5 companies.




Got to keep on keepin' on !


The Upside


Looking forward to getting back into the studio with my engineer and start hammering out these tunes, to get them produced and mastered for licensing opportunities.


Multiple genres


Increase your chances of having your music licensed.


Pounding the pavement


In the old days you had to pound the pavement Los Angeles.




In the last year I've signed 10 non exclusive licensing agreements for television, films and games. It's the best shot an indie artist has to getting their music signed, licensed and published.


Chris Squire


I can't think of another rock bassist as cool as Chris Squire. He had the stature ( 6' 4'' ), the attitude, the stance and the cheshire smile that let you know that he knew how cool it was to be in this band, playing this music. The Beatles of progressive rock,YES.


The Music Xray Culture vs Fiverr


From my 3 1/2 years working with Music Xray I ended up on the cover of an E-Zine, did 3 phone interviews , signed 2 non exclusive publishing deals ( made no money ), joined many indie radio stations and have had some of my music on hold with publishing companies for over 2 yrs.


Industry on life support


Music Xray and like minded music A & R sites are the last gasp of a dying industry on life support.


Ideas flood and abound


Currently in the studio, with my engineer Matt Erich, working on my new album: Acoustic Rock Onslaught.


Pitching to Indie


As my journey (which started in 1980) in the music business continues, I'm happy to announce that Indie is king.


The adventure continues


My girlfriend, Robin , and I have moved from Sacramento,Ca to Davis,Ca. From severe urban to a nice combination of suburban and rural.


Chilly gig


Farmers Market gigs are always fun and groovy.


What a year


As another year comes to a close, I am very grateful for my good health, good woman and good friends.


Feeling good


4 years sober


Passion and goals


Why is it that some folks are content to punch someone else's clock as opposed to starting their own business ?


The Dead Duck


I don't watch nor am I a fan of Duck Dynasty.


Great year


In 2013, I busted my butt in the studio, on stage and in the office at my label Pryor 2 What ? Records.




As a musician who has been in the business for over 30 yrs, I've found a consistent myopic mindset that is stuck in the mud.


Indie vs Indie


Indie radio loves me, but the indie labels not so much.


Eggs in one basket


At 52, all that matters is publishing and licensing.


The Other Butler


There you go again, Hollywood. You've taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies.


Licensing your music pt.2 by Aaron Davison


So, you've done your homework and you've researched numerous places to submit your music to.


Licensing your music


You generally get paid twice for any song that is used in a television broadcast.




Here's are my two Reverbnation pages:


The Producer speaks


When blending multiple instruments, you must be able not only to hear each instrument. But the tone,depth and brightness of each.


All time fave guitarist


When I was teenager in the 70's, the guitar was king.


Desert Island top 10


My top 10 Desert Island albums:

1. Gloria Lynne- Live at the Las Vegas Thunderbird
2. Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan - Live at the Basin Street East
3. Gloria Lynne - I'm Glad There Is You
4. Jimmy Smith - The Cat
5. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Country Meets The Blues
6. Julian Adderley - Presenting Cannonball
7. Sly & The Family Stone - Stand
8. The Beatles - Revolver
9. Joni Mitchell - Hissing of Summer Lawns
10. Yes - Close to the Edge


Life in the studio


I've been fortunate to have worked with an array of very talented engineers over the last 30 yrs.


Facebook and the pc nazis


Back in the days of the internet wildwest..


Productivity over boredom


I've built a business. Now it's time to run it !


Kanye,Jay Z & The Time Machine


True story:

Jay-Z and Kanye found a time machine that sent them back to Hitsville USA 1963.


Good groove


I can't remember being happier than I am at this moment in my life. Good health, good woman, good job and good music.


In The Studio


Looking forward to getting back in the studio.


Our Children


We take away the power of the teachers to be guardians with the removal of corpral punishment and now we have a bullying epidemic.


More questions than answers / haiku


Not a question of whether damage has been done


Kill them Softly


The latest Brad Pitt film has it's moments, but the pacing can be a bit of a trial.




In 2010 thru 2011, I averaged nearly a dozen gigs a month.




Flight was very good. Denzel being Denzel which is kewl. I give this 2 1/2 Stars




For those of us who went through this Jimmy Carter crap, it puts you right back in the moment.


Great Blessing


There have a been a very small number of women who have owned my heart.


Music Biz


I can't truly fathom that my face, name and music, thanks to EDA records and Reverbnation, are posted on social / political websites around the world in front of millions.


Movies Movies Movies


These are my movie recommendations:


Bourne Legacy


I blurbed or blogged this film on my facebook page. Forgot to put it here. No big. It's time to retire this beast.




Brutal, raw, bloody, clever, hard. A non stop afront of hillbilly, moonshine runnin' pride.


The Possesion


This film is currently number one in the nation. It's not scary, not shocking, silly dialog, unimaginative, lame special effects and basically cheesey.


Hit and Run


Some cute dialog, lots of silliness, endless chase scenes.


Obama 2016


Dinesh Desouza does an admirable job telling Obama's story to those who were uninformed or willfully ignorant back in 2008.


The Watch


This movie is so stupid it's hillarious.




A bit long, but long on action, bombast, sentiment and Bane. Best scene for me was watching Batman get his ass kicked. Felt every blow ! Still never got used to Batman's stupid Miles Davis impersonation.


Magic Mike


Groovy and kewl with attitude and swagger. Reminds me of Boogie Nights with the predictable tragedy and macho silliness.




Plenty of action and a few laughs in this updated version with the typical Hitchcock Stan Lee walk through.


Moonrise Kingdom


Clever, Witty, Charming, sardonic.


The Intouchables


A film with passion, originality, humor and grit.




Fabulous sets, great special effects, good story line and a fine cast.


Snow White & the Huntsman


Great special effects and that's where it ends.




After the first MIB, they should have retired this bitch. Can't say no to the money !


Donna Summer


She was labeled the queen of disco ( she hated the label ) by the dimwitted press, but her first hit " Love to Love you Baby " was nothing but a slow funk grind of the era.




Action packed, kind of amusing, decent effects.


The Avengers


Full tilt fun, action and they finally got the right actor to play Hulk and Hulk is finally " The Hulk " !




Less Government in our lives,Now !


The Raven


The film is fun, creepy and entertaining.


The Help


Passionate, poignant, painful, funny, soulful.


Wrath of the Titans


Cheesy asss flick with no script, vacant dialog, and so so CGI.


Hunger Games


May the odds be forever in your favor !


John Carter


Based on the graphic novel that I've never read, It is a well paced story of a confederate soldier who ends up on Mars fighting a battle for the survival of an alien race at war with 2 other alien groups.


Safe House


Non stop action from beginning to end.


Act Of Valor


Bad ass film about the baddest asses walking the face of the planet, United States Navy Seals.


The Grey


Liam Neesom is one of my favroite actors. Like Russell Crowe, Don Cheadle, Denzel Washington and Forrest Whitaker, he can take a mediocre script and make it very good.




Goodbye Whitney. Thank you for sharing your gift.







4 highschool kids from different backgrounds and class status find a ufo in a cave that bestows the power of flight and telekinesis.


Man on a Ledge


Sam Worthington , another over exposed talent ( 2 to 3 movies this year alone ), stars with Elizabeth Banks ( cutie ) in this action packed flick that is not for those with mild vertigo or height issues.


Glaydys Knight & the Latter Day Saints ?


Had the pleasure to see and hear Gladys Knight & the Saints Unified Voices last night at the church of latter day saints.Stunning performance.Not everyday you get to shake the hand of a genuine icon.


Helluva week


In one week I played a good gig to an awesome crowd at Sol Collective, had a phone interview by Ced 1 of Independent Music & Media ( Florida ) published and conducted an online interview with Andru Bell of Sol Collective.
Plus I spent some quality time with a few close friends.

Nuff said..

Very blessed.





Former MMA superstar ( ultra hot ) Gina Carano makes her big screen debut in an old school, action packed, semi cheesy spy vs. spy thriller where she kicks a whole lotta male ass from beginning to end.


Working that keyboard


I've been forcing my undisciplined ass to sit down and learn some piano since I have a Yamaha in my bedroom.


The Artist


The Artist is imaginative, original and a lot of fun. If you like silent films that is..




Typical Mark Walhberg film full of action, violence and ultra hot Kate Beckinsale.


Tailer Tinker Soldier Spy


Tailor tinker soldier spy is sooo ploddingly slow that it reminded of a rotary phone from the 60's.


The Devil Inside


This so called horror, thriller documentary had the potential to be a very entertaining popcorn face stuffing film.


Getting ready for 2012


After 2 1/2 months on unemployment, I'm just beginning to get used to this lifestyle of doing what I want, when I want to.Now all I have to do is increase my income and I can take my label to the next level.


Darkest Hour


The premise is imaginative, the concept is'nt too well worn and the special effects are fairly impressive.But this is'nt the first invasion film where the cast reacts as if stocks have gone down, it's a bad economy, the weather sucks and oh yeah, we're being invaded again.


War Horse


Bless Steven Spielberg's heart for being compelled to share with us the type of warmth and grand landscapes that inspired his youth.


Girl with the the Dragon Tattoo


This film can be somewhat arduous at times, but I was drawn in by the characters and compeled by the story line.


Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol


This latest Tom Cruise outing is action packed, visually stunning and funny.


Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows


Downey and Law are a great team, fine screen play, visually stunning, excellent dialog, very entertaining. But something was lacking that the first film delivered in spaids.


2011 one helluva year !


I played a ton of gigs, recorded lots of music, sold many cd's, played Sacramento, Roseville, Modesto, Stockton and Sanfrancisco.




Di Caprio is probably one of the finest talents of his generation and along with Eastwood, brings genuine star power J.Edgar.


The Immortals


Made by the same cats that gave us the classic "300", this film is visually stunning, but I did'nt find The Immortals compelling in the least.


Whatever # 3


Snot nose little punk kids with talent, but poor social skills, little or no common sense are a bain and a pain.


Reel Steel


Entertaining, fun and imaginative from beginning to end.


Music Xray


I've been using 21st century A&R outlet: Music Xray to pitch my music catalog to industry reps to land multiple non exclusive liscensing deals or one major exclusive deal.


The Thing


The Thing:

No major improvement on the original from over 20 years ago starring Jeff Bridges.




All this movie did was make me paranoid.

4 stars Classic  3 Stars Great  2 Stars Good  1 Star Fair


2 Stars






Riding on the bus


In between the occasional mad genious that is Tammy Bruce, she plays dance music as bumper fodder. This time it was Katie Perry's painful tune: Firework.
Being an improvisational artist who is prolific in multiple genres, I sometimes find myself influenced by music I don't even like.


When love is'nt enough


Certain songs in my set are breaking me down to my core. Where before they were just songs in the set, but the emotion pouring through these tunes are speaking to me like never before.


Apollo 18


This Nasa inspired flick takes the Paranormal Activity approach to the subject matter.


The Guard


Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadel star in this English / Irish drug running FBI vs Cop comedy that is non stop funny and entertaining.


No myths


Building a new family or simply living my life without the sub par.


Rise of the Planet of the Apes


Having grown up during the Planet of the apes era in the early 70's and having endured Mark Wallberg in the modern version, this film was more than a pleasant surprise.


Cowboys & Aliens


Great premise, good special effects, good cast, good script, good matinee popcorn film.


Good Energy


Playing multiple gigs in a weekend, sometimes in a day, my energy level is high and my mind is focused.


Harry Potter and the deathly hallows 2


After the 2nd Potter film, the franchise began to loose it's charm and color.


The next level


I'm in the process of preparing for my cd release show with ads on KHITS 92.1FM , which reaches upwards of 200,000 listeners.


Whatever # 2


Industry music is dead

Industry music needs a Ginsberg

Industry music keeps you dumb

Makes you stupid

Industry music needs a howl


Whatever #1


I found myself and was forever lost


New song


During the July 4th holiday I wrote a new tune inspired by a 40yr year friendship with my lunatic best bud Jeff Cooper.


Transformers 3


Great special effects, Labouf is a good comical actor, dialog written by a 10 yr old, as average as Meagan Fox is, please bring her back.


13 Assassins


A period piece that displays the mindless brutality amongst the clans during the end of the Shogun era in Japan.


Great show at Fox & Goose


Special Thanks to GP Bailey, In the No and Karen Sanders.


My new cd is in the can


My new cd " Tough Nut To Crack " was mixed, edited and mastered this weekend.


Super 8


Typical Spielberg middle class, were'nt the 70's great , crazy effects, predictable happy ending, cute blonde chick close ups ( creepy ) mish mash of a film that he's been getting away with for over 30 yrs.


Lechoke and the Miami hubris


Talent alone does'nt win titles in the NBA. Maturity, knowledge and class comes in handy also.


X-MEN First Class


Perfectly cast, great special effects, wonderful performances, does'nt take it itself too seriously and at times,funny.


Taking stock


Have'nt made my way to the dungeon to speak to the sky in a while so I thought I would induldge, divest and submerge.


Pirates of the Caribbean


Johnny Depp revises his role as Jack Sparrow for another installment of predictable swashbuckling silliness


Business vs. Personal


Though I still have the occasional tendency to be passive agressive, my perspective regarding adults who suffer from behavior that should have been corrected at the age of 10, continues to improve.




Great special effects, kewl futuresque storyline that's a mix of Bladerunner and Mad Max.


Bin Laden pt.2


Like a brain dead Obama zombie, I said he won the 2012 election based on the Bin Laden hit. Dumb, dumb, dumb.




Not as good as the first Spiderman or the first Iron Man, but better than both Hulk films.


Bin Laden Dead


Game set match. Obama just won the election.


Fast Five


For all involved this film came across as nothing more than a paycheck




WW3 is coming.

Have a nice day..





Beautiful girl made in a petrie dish, dad turns her into a killing machine ..


Content of character


For those of you who voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, shame on you.


Re-arranging the deck chairs


I'm re-arranging the deck chairs in my head


Team Doug


I'm very grateful to all of the key people in my life who have helped me achieve everything that I have over these last two years.


Springtime weekend


Incredible weather in Sacramento,Ca this weekend.


Chasing ghosts


Am I in love with you

Or who I wish you were


Dumb Geniouses


What's the point of being born with talent when you have the common sense, good judgement and perspective of a bag of rocks ?




Zack Snyder has given us 300, Watchmen and Suckerpunch.




The previews for Limitless looked like something Tom Cruise would have signed onto back in the 80's.


Cedar Rapids


Pretty damn funny from beginning to end.Especially when you throw John C. Reilly ( Walk Hard ) into the mix.


How long the road


So many years

So many miles

How heavy the load

How long the road


Haiku # 3






Lincoln Lawyer


This film was like a very good episode of Law & Order.


Haiku # 2


For those who don't get it

Leave them alone




Since I'm



Redeemed through doorways


Outside my window

supreme on sylvan perch

daydream relates you

as themes slowly emerge


Tough nut to crack


I did'nt mean to hurt your feelings

but you were flying way to high

I tried to drag you from the ceiling

You turned around and spit in my eye


The beast has been released


Attempting to play in the world of civilians is slowly taking it's toll.


Movie weekend


After three gigs in a row, it was nice to give the voice a rest and enjoy the weekend with some celluloid entertainment.




My part time job is an exercise in futility, wallowing in a swamp of nothing.


Time in the bay


Left Friday on Amtrak from Sac to Martinez to be met by my bud Judith.Onward to San Francisco and Pirate Cat Radio, home of Diamond Dave and the modern day version of Abbie Hoffman, Angela Davis and Bider / Minehoff.




I've never been happier
yet I'm on the verge of tears


The 83rd Oscars


Hathaway and Franco were not the worst choice too host this plodding, desperate yearly affair that longs to be as classy as the oscars of the Bob Hope era.


The King's speech


This film made you feel as though you were there in the pre WW2 era.


The contrary


After all these years I'm still training myself to not engage individuals whose first response is to be contrary as if they were born without the circuit breaker that filters the idiocy before it arrives at the mouth.


Then and now


Starting in May of 2009 I began to play open mics.Then features and finally the occasional gig.


Incredible weekend


I had a great lunch date with a good friend on Saturday at the Downtown plaza.


Not always a bed of roses


Played a gig last night at a bar in Roseville. Not my turf or my audience.It's a crowd that wants to talk, shoot pool and listen to the juke box.


Beast Within


Since I was a child I've been living with the beast within.Some call it the voice, the muse, the guide, the force, whatever.




Found a nice spot on 14th & E in downtown Sac called Shine. Good food, tea, coffee and a laid back open mic.




I would like to say I'm sorry I missed the Grammies,but I had no interest.


Pirate Radio, SF


Went to the bay with my bud Judith over to Pirate Radio to play a couple of tunes during their open mic which is podcasted and blasted to the streets.


Farmers Market gig


With canopies flying and breaking from wind gust of 35 mph and more, camera crews and a visit from Mayor Kevin Johnson


The Mechanic


Jason Staham's films are usually entertaining, action packed and mildly amusing.


Great weekend


The sun was out, the breeze was crisp and the women were gorgeous in Downtown Sacramento.Popcorn, yogurt and street music.


Marketing fundamentals


I've been spreading the gospel for nearly 10 yrs and some don't get it while others just don't want to know. To have talent and no common sense is a shame.


Becoming a good arranger means listening


After a solid 90 minute rehearsal to prepare for my upcoming shows, I grabbed the walkman and listened to some classic Motown. Some of the greatest arrangements by the most prolific and imaginative songwriters ( Holland, Dozier, Holland ) of the last 50 years.


You just never know


So both open mics were a bust, but it did'nt matter.My friend and I hit the gazebo in Benecia to take some pics.


Here in the bay today


Here in Martinez after a fat breakfast.I plan on hitting Saga in Alameda this afternoon and then Panama Cafe' in Concord this evening.I'm sold out of cd's, but I can flier and spread the gospel.I don't know if there's a tip situation,not important.

I'll let you know how it goes.




Foggy and Soggy


Fourth day of this soggy and foggy Steven Kingesque weather that refuses to lift for more than six hours.Oh well, better enjoy it while I can.Before I know it June will be here and it will be pain the valley.