Beast Within

Since I was a child I've been living with the beast within.Some call it the voice, the muse, the guide, the force, whatever.No matter how stupid my behavior or how dumb the crowd I was running with, I always knew it was there to center and guide me.I remember sitting in the front row of my 1st grade class and this urge was building and eventually came through and I yelled like a crazy person while Miss Rowland was giving instruction on the chalkboard. She stopped, turned and looked at me, as did the rest of the class, and asked: is there something you would like to share with the class Douglas ? Embarrassed,I sheepishly said, no.The class laughed at me.
I believe "it" was letting itself be known and establishing it's presence and eventual dominance over my life.

Now I'm a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, performer and ceo of my own label.Follow it. Let it guide you.It will never steer you wrong.