Dumb Geniouses

What's the point of being born with talent when you have the common sense, good judgement and perspective of a bag of rocks ?
My second wife, Alisa Highfill, used to try to get it through my thick skull that not everyone was going to be as driven as I am.I understood that,but how about the bare minimum?It's not like the old days when you had to pound the pavement in Los Angeles just to get a gig or a meeting with an A&R rep.
You can go online and book a gig or studio time.
How is it that I know so many exceptional artists who don't even have a single available on itunes ?
1 fucking single ? Dumb geniouses.No sales background, could'nt promote themselves out of a paperbag and when you try to share the knowledge,they just don't want to know.Dumbasses !
I'm more likely to invest my energy in someone with half the talent and twice the drive.
Madonna can't sing, not an exceptional dancer, an average songwriter. But her drive, ambition and imagination are unmatched.I countinue to seek the ambitious and motivated.
The rest of you ? Fuck off !