Eggs in one basket

My only marketable skill, besides music , is sales and customer service.I've recently found that I no longer have the desire or ability to close.
At one point in my life I was a killer closer, but now I have no ability to do so. Burn out !
Since moving in with my girlfriend, an apartment manager with no over head, I've been allowed to focus solely on my compositions.
At 52, all that matters is publishing and licensing. I just released my new single , " Dontcha Wanna ", which is my first attempt at modern top 40 country. Or what I call " faux country ".
Damn solid little ditty that would allow me to slide in the side door.I'm playing the game but by my rules.
Still using Mike McCready's Music Xray to pitch my music to industry and I still have faith in the process.
My next move is to mix and master my next cd" Long Island, write and arrange some instrumental hip hop for soundtracks and commercials and finally re-master some old Mind Club videos.