Foggy and Soggy

Fourth day of this soggy and foggy Steven Kingesque weather that refuses to lift for more than six hours.Oh well, better enjoy it while I can.Before I know it June will be here and it will be pain the valley.

Going to Concord this weekend to play the Panama Cafe. Then next week I'm going to hit Blackwater Cafe in Stockton.Then I have a gig in Roseville at the Tracodero with Neil Irani and Sandra Dolores.It's good to get out of Sacramento and spread the gospel according to Doug.

I still have yet to finish editing my video, record two to three more tracks for my next Hodgepodge cd ( which are compilations of my current and past work from the last 20 plus years of recording ) and record a new video for my song Saved by Rock & Roll.

My goal is 10-12 gigs a month.

Busy, busy, busy.