Ideas flood and abound

Currently in the studio, with my engineer Matt Erich, working on my new album: Acoustic Rock Onslaught. I thought I had a solid beat arrangement for my song: Beyond v3, but the beat was getting in the way of the flow of the tune.

Even though it grooved and kind of popped it just was'nt in the pocket and forced me to think my performance as opposed to simply doing my thing. After the fourth attempt, I decided to put the track on the back burner and move on to a monstrous tune: Serious Breach. 

I wrote this vocal killer 30 yrs ago and used to use it as my encore song during live performances, but my voice may have been a little higher back then.

Over time, we vocalist have a tendency to loose our top end. But since I stopped the drink, pot and cigs nearly 5 years ago my voice is stronger than ever.

I made the mistake of over rehearsing the week prior to my studio date and ended up with a semi tired voice.

So I had to put that track on the back of the bus. Moved on to High Low v2 and nailed it. Next came: Midnight Baby and I nailed it. Now we're on a roll !

Came back to Beyond v3, found the right beat, got the right groove, nailed it !

Knocked out my new instrumental tune: Tips, in a single take.

My girl ,Robin, dropped in to take pics during the session and after a non stop 4 hour session I was starving and ready for lunch.

Hit up "Jacks Urban Eats" for a hot barbecued chicken sandwich in midtown Sacramento and then went on to perform at Track 7 Brewery with the fabulous Lauren Wakefield.

Full on rockin' Valentine's Day !

I'm now in the midst of piano and bass arrangements for Midnight Baby, Tame my Thoughts and Serious Breach.

This album should be street ready in April.