Lechoke and the Miami hubris

Talent alone does'nt win titles in the NBA. Maturity, knowledge and class comes in handy also.You take a kid out of highschool whose body is mature beyond it's years, but his mind and life experience is that of a spoiled child.Emphasis on the word spoiled.Physically Lebron James is Dr.J and Karl Malone combined, but when it's all on the line D-Wade has to carry the weight.Like Jordan & Bryant, Wade is a proven killer and behind Kobe as the second best player in the league.
Lebron suffers from believing his own hype and is surrounded by leeches who feed his monstrous ego.If he's lucky, maybe he can spend some time with Jordan, Irving, Bird, Robertson or Duncan and learn something about thinking before you speak and that the world does'nt revolve around you.

Congratulations to the Mavericks !