Marketing fundamentals

Get a website, business cards, fliers, and always tell folks where to download your music. Sign up with the hub for the indie artist , ( cdbaby ) get your digital distribution going. Music publishing is the back bone of the music industry, so own it. You are positioning yourself for non-exclusive oppurtunities through cable, online, and network soundtracks.

I've been spreading the gospel for nearly 10 yrs and some don't get it while others just don't want to know. To have talent and no common sense is a shame.

Allow your publishing to be your other 401k.

Put together a dvd and sell it, give it away.Put together an instructional video on youtube. If your'e a songwriter than teach your unique approach to songwriting. You will inspire others and creat traffic.

It's something else that's on my long list of things to do re: spreading the gospel according to Doug Cash !