As a musician who has been in the business for over 30 yrs, I've found a consistent myopic mindset that is stuck in the mud.It starts with artists chasing gigs to the ends of the earth or still believing that Los Angeles and New York are the entertainment centers of the world. 
Not a thought about their brand, creating a virtual label, creating pseudonyms, exploring multiple genres,gorilla marketing, pursuing publishing, licensing,management, indie radio, indie labels and ,of course, the majors.
I started my first label ,Swrecords.net, in 2000 and added Pryor 2 What ? Records in 2010 making it the umbrella to Swrecords.net ,now a subsidirary, and Pryor 2 What ? Music Publishing the crown jewel.Over 5 dozen releases in multiple genres. I'ts easier to deal with industry as a label. See the big picture.

What's your end game ?