Movie weekend

After three gigs in a row, it was nice to give the voice a rest and enjoy the weekend with some celluloid entertainment.Battle:LA ,provided non-stop action from beginning to end.Only draw back was that it's PG-13.No blood and gore or end trails which would have put this flick over the top.Nothing like the site and sound of limbs being torn from the body and eaten by some alien.

1 Star fair  2 Stars Good  3 Stars Great  4 Stars Classic



On Sunday I saw the supposed romantic thriller, Ajustment Bureau.Damon was good and his romantic interest, Emily Blunt, was'nt too annoying with an accent that came and went. Go figure.The concept was outstanding.These cats have the power to adjust the events of individuals and effect the lives of millions.But unless they wear their Bogart hats they have little or no power.Whatever.The sexual chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt is as intense as a cube of butter.

1 Star Fair  2 Stars Good  3 Stars Great  4 Stars Classic

Adjustment Bureau 

2 Stars