Taking stock

Have'nt made my way to the dungeon to speak to the sky in a while so I thought I would induldge, divest and submerge.Put some friendships on hold and in the big picture it really does'nt amount to a hill of beans. Feeling that sense of spiritual molestation only an amoral ass can embrace while listening to Blue Train.
Taking a brake from pursuing the heavy gig schedule while refocusing my efforts in the studio which is my first love in the last place.Nearly finished with my next release:Tough Nut To Crack.Just in time for my cd release gig in late July.Better find some cats to put on the bill. Otherwise it's going to be 3 hours of me. Yawn..
The women in my life are colorful, respectful, sensual and always there for me.Never in my time have I experienced this level of support ,love and lust.

I guess life begins at 50.