The Music Xray Culture vs Fiverr

From my 3 1/2 years working with Music Xray I ended up on the cover of an E-Zine, did 3 phone interviews , signed 2 non exclusive publishing deals ( made no money ), joined many indie radio stations and have had some of my music on hold with publishing companies for over 2 yrs.

With the success of Music Xray, many more similar submission sites have popped up.

Of course you have to use your own judgement regarding submissions.

If you sound like James Taylor, it does'nt make sense to send your music to an outlet that's looking for the next Bruno Mars.

I've backed off of the A&R submission approach and have had far more success going to directly to the public through indie radio, indie blogs, SEO Marketing, Indie Ezines.

All through Fiverr !

My Reverbnation page has exploded. 3 weeks ago I had 48k plays. I'm now closing in on 80k, averaging nearly 1500 plays a day.

I've developed good relationships with the Fiverr family of dozens upon dozens of indie outlets, worldwide !

If Music Xray, Music Clout and Mob works for you, that's great.

For me it's onward and upward !