Whatever #1

I found myself and was forever lost

Genious aint easy

Porn is boring

Hand sunken into the goo once again

Hit that g spot and watch it rain

She's so fine but she never came

Delusional fool

Neurotic tool

It's okay to touch them Jackie O

It won't rub off

It's only Harlem

Why is it the same folks who called Michael a faggott then

claimed him in the end

Prince is kewl but he's no Fishbone

You're not competing with the kids

They're competing with you

They just don't know it yet

Loathing summer  longing for Autumn

She's not very original is she

Miles says it takes time to find your own voice

You may end up in a cavern screaming twist and shout like some bloody german englishman

Make show  make show !

Anything but a Bruno Mars John Mayer clusterfuck

Angela and Huey smoked some pot drank some wine did the grind

and gave birth to the president of the United States

DC  2011