Whatever # 2

Industry music is dead

Industry music needs a Ginsberg

Industry music keeps you dumb

Makes you stupid

Industry music needs a howl

How are you going to impress me with gaga, Jay z, Mars, Mayer, Eminem and Beyonce?

When I was blessed with Sly, Brown, Curtis, EWF, Marvin, Stevie, Aretha, Sergio & Lani, Masakela,Jackson 5, Janis, Yes, Beatles, Osmonds, Zep, Carole, Bob & Joan, all on AM radio.

Industry music is dead

It is for the colorless  the childish  the banal  the foolish  the fool

My youngest told me that everything that can be done has been done

I bled in sadness at this lack of rainbow and soul

A genre that steals from another lacks respect, talent, imagination and ability.

Regardless of the success of the genre it will neve be a Tower of Power

Like Diamonds sparkling in the sand.

DC 2011