December 11, 2018

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Much like Johnny Cash could, Doug Cash can electrify with his vocals and guitar-play, too.

Personally, I really enjoy when singers meet the topic of love with the urgency it deserves — that could mean passionately or fearlessly. In “Believe In The Love,” singer/songwriter Doug Cash meets it with both.

From the moment you press play on “Believe In The Love,” you are met with vibrant guitar-play and infectious bass that practically tugs at your heart and tears at your soul. Over this instrumental, Doug gives us quite the performance, discussing the importance of sticking with love through its ups and downs, and realizing how powerful it can be in your life. I think the melody he utilizes to deliver each and every one of his messages is phenomenal, and the emotions he was able to exude throughout felt all the way authentic. Matter of fact, I also started to believe in love after listening to it.

Make sure you check out Doug Cash’s “Believe In The Love” HERE!


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Broadscreen: Translation

Broadscreen Review Translation:

Emotional betrayal. When were you the last time reveal emotional? Emotionally Hintergangen? So, really exploited, no matter now if. From your friend, your girlfriend, your parents, your colleagues or your boss Each of us has already gone through: In a moment you trust the person completely and break one hundred percent up by a single fact the complete trust bond with this person in thousands of shards.

Doug Cash seems to the whole also happened to be we-believe. After all, is his new folk-pop single "Emotional Treason" and meets the subject pretty much. For over 40 years Cash writes his own songs and can also be dissuaded from doing nothing. Musically it can be influenced thereby his own words of Sly & the Family Stone, The Beatles, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Yes.
You can hear the mighty voice of Doug Cash in his song "Better Off Dead" from the year 2008. The Chansonist with the guitar and the feeling of sadness, but also security in the voice is a gifted songwriter. In "Emotional Treason" is about the input mentioned feeling ambush, but also about much more.

"Why would you say true love will not come your way?" He begins the emotional rollercoaster. "How can you say that you'll never find true love?" Doug Cash will begin its track with a statement that makes hope. Hope for anyone who feels eternally lonely and alone. While the soulful guitar shreds in front of him, to cash each verse increases with each additional line, until he finally reached the peak of his powerful voice in the chorus.
Here you buy  "Emotional Treason" by Doug Cash.
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Doug Cash – The Acoustic Rock Onslaught

Doug Cash’s “The Acoustic Rock Onslaught” is aptly named for Doug Cash manages to create a full-bodied frenzied physical sound. Whether he opts for the fast-paced blitz almost punk-like performance of “Midnight Baby 2” or the slow, low-slung funk of “Love Thicka Than Blood”, he shows an impressive range. Lyrically the songs have a sense of optimism that permeates the album. Pieces have a delicate art-pop sensibility, half lo-fi and half grit, the two elements give the album a balanced feeling. 
For “Beyond 3” Doug Cash hits his stride presenting one of the highlights of the album. With lyrics that celebrate moving forward past previous categories the song highlights the importance of togetherness. “Tips” takes on a quieter approach as pensive guitar strums linger in the air. Quite introspective the piece displays Doug Cash’s true talent for form. Yet another side of Doug Cash’s work is shown through this piece that would sound timeless, as if it could have been a long-lost Nick Drake track left dusty for decades. Without saying a word Doug Cash is able to create a piece of work that is deeply moving. Hope returns on the sweetness of “Tame My Thoughts”. Ending the album off on a dreamy note is the sunlit ‘Wouldn’t It Be Much Easier 3”. 
The Acoustic Rock Onslaught is a prism of sound neatly showing off the many colors of Doug Cash’s sonic universe.

Doug Cash – Singer Songwriter

Doug Cash’s “Singer Songwriter” is a tasteful, timeless effort. Following in the proud tradition of the great 1970s singer songwriters like John Lennon, the songs are simple and effective. With “Singer Songwriter” Doug Cash keeps his songs to the absolute essentials by employing meticulous clean guitar work. By far the heart and soul of the album comes from Doug Cash’s highly articulate, almost poetic lyricism. This, once coupled with his versatile singing voice, results in a deeply moving piece of work. Stylistically, Doug Cash’s work ranges from the whispered acoustic to the anthemic electric guitar led choruses. Tying this all together are his arrangements, kept to the essentials with bright beautiful colors.

Beginning things on an intimate note is the tender work of “Locust”. Following this is the crystal clarity of “Sacramento” where Doug Cash shows off his nimble guitar work. Passionate in nature is the pleading “Emotional Treason”. Introducing a fuller sound is the big band approach of “Beyond V3” whose infectious melody and inviting lyrics make it one of the album highlights. Downright gorgeous is the heartfelt “With a Thrill” where Doug Cash’s vocals are quite strong. Easily the highlight of the album is the dreamy work of “Loneliest With You”. Akin to Jon Brion’s clever approach to song craft the song is simply stunning. Ending things on a contemplative note is the hushed tone of “You Wept for Yourself”.

“Singer Songwriter” presents a welcoming world courtesy of Doug Cash’s unique musical vision.

Best of all the entire album can be found right here.

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If you’re like me, then you’d be hard pressed to find some contemporary rock music that resembles Chuck Berry. Thankfully, there are artists like Doug Cash to keep that classic sound alive and well. Nowadays, it’s easy to think that soul-less music will always be prevalent, but I believe that once people are given access to the alternative, they will always go with the real thing. Check out Doug’s song and be sure to share and comment.

Indie Music & Media

IndieMusicMedia:The song “"Just Like The Others"is very well written and performed by Doug Cash. It starts with a rhythm similar to a train leaving the station. Once you're aboard you just can't get that groove out of your head. It takes you on a ride where you kinda' don't want to reach your destination.

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Sol Collective

Sol Collective’s weekly open mic, Microphone Mondays, was recently blessed to have one of the city’s veterans grace our stage. Doug Cash stopped by to deliver some of patented bluesy-funk-soul to the most open mic in the city. After tearing the spot down, he and I had a chance to catch up about the music, the business, and the direction it’s headed.

Sol: Where did you get your start in music?

DC: From my Dad’s record collection. Ellington, Basie, Three Sounds, Ramsey Lewis, Gloria Lynne, Billie Holiday, Big Joe Turner, Lambert Hendricks and Ross. Then I saw Sly & The Family Stone at the Memorial Auditorium when I was a kid and decided that’s what I’m going to do! I borrowed a neighbor’s guitar when I was 15 and pretty much started writing songs before I was even able to play. My best friend, Jeff Cooper, had a Silvertone from Sears and he was writing a song a day so I had to try to keep up

Sol: How long have you been on stage?

DC: My first gig was with Funk fusion band Technical Force at The Playboy Club in Los Angeles in 1980. It was basically a talent show they had once a week. Promoter Don Podler got us the gig while he was working with us to get a developement deal.We were too loud and told to turn down multiple times by the MC. Some over the hill bimbo who later heckled Richard Pryor in the Joe Joe Dancer film. From there we booked ourselves into Hop Sihngs, Ice House, Fandangos, the Barn at UCR.

Sol: That’s been how many years? And you still haven’t learned to turn it down huh?

DC: Yeah, but back in those days I could barely carry a tune as a back up vocalist/bassist. I was lucky to work with our lead vocalist, Jim Bates, in learning proper breathing techniques. He told me to stop singing through my nose and to use my gut. It wasn’t until my late 20s that actually started to develop some range and years after that until I could control it.

Sol: So other than playing gigs, you’re very involved in the music industry. You run your own label?

DC: Yes, after I left Subgroove Records back in the 90’s my ex-wife and I started our own web design business( Highfill-Pryor Web Design ), a college radio distributorship ( UP & COMING ) and my indie label which became Pryor 2 What ? Records. I simply signed a few friends up on MP3 and cdbaby because they were too lazy to do it themselves. There are no contracts between us and most of these people don’t even play music anymore and have no interest in the indie industry.Sadly, that theme has been consistant over the decades. Very talented musicians who just don’t want to know about the music business.It’s not like the old days when I was a kid. Literally pounding the pavement in L.A. try to get a deal.Now it’s all done over the net.Tons of oppurtunities for artists re: publishing, distribution, liscensing, etc. Gigs are nice, but the money is in the publishing.That’s your 401k.Hey I’m barely getting by, but I’ve never been more excited about being in the music biz as a label owner.

Sol: So what advice would you give to young artists about the industry?

DC: Learn to use the studio like an instrument. Listen to the production values of Billy Taylor from Mowtown. That stuff is 50 yrs old and still kicks all of the ass. Make sure your product sounds as professional as possible. Join CDBaby and Music X Ray, but be sure you are ready. If you’re still in the beginning stages of your songwriting, bounce your ideas off other musicians. Once you’re ready to present yourself as a viable entity be sure to trademark your name and the name of your label if you’re the owner. Use Legalzoom.

Sol: Where can folks find your music? Are you playing anywhere around that folks should know about?

DC: For everything Doug Cash go to My next gig is March 8th Thursday 830pm
Naked Lounge 1111 H st Sacramento,Ca
5 Dollar cover
w/ Justin Davis & Ken Koenig

Sol: close curtain. end interview. Thank you so much. That’s going to work perfectly. Holler. 

DC: Sho you right !

Hodge Podge
author: ladybugg
Each track is it's own unique entity. Meaningful, yet catchy. Songs that make you want to listen again and again to see what you missed the time before. Better off Dead and Emotional Treason are my favs. A great songwriter!!! Songs i can relate moments in my life to. I listen while driving for a quick pick me up. I listen in bed for a quick........
author: ladybugg

I thought it was Petals On A Silent Sea, but no longer! These arrangements are so catching; you will find them stuck in your head hours after they\'re done, and realize \"Wait, that\'s me singing!\" The blueprint of \"SNOWED\" is crazy good. Very different- I love the layers of vocals, all doing their own thing but so together. \"To Be Average\" is eerily sweet and mellow. The arrangement seems so simple, but melds perfectly with what\'s going on within. \"Alisa 2\" was already addicting as it was originally, and I did not think it could be more so. How wrong I was. \"Loneliest With You\" is the perfect ending to the perfect collection. I find myself swaying every time. :) Whenever someone creates a \"goodbye to love\" song, album, etc. the memories relived are always the painful ones. ALISA CHRONICLES lovingly covers them all. In other words, it is refreshing to see that there is such a poetic way to say \"thanks for the love and good times, I\'ll always remember you, now f*&ck off.\" Brilliant.
Author:Lindsay Marie


Alisa Chronicles

Alisa 2 has some of the best guitar work on the album, including some complicated runs and harmonics. It may also be the best written song on the album.Cash's voice is worthy of note, an extremely pleasant tenor that stands out more and more as the instrumentation strips away. Sacramento’s Doug Cash is enigmatic in presentation. He displays what appears to be a talent or touch for great pop tunes (Snowed) and a unique sound that mixes pop, reggae, Latin and folk styles. Wildysworld.blogspot

I'm a big fan of acoustic blues and I really like the way you express your feelings and emotions. For me, the blues is not about playing exactly like Robert Johnson or Skip James, but about being true to yourself. You are a real bluesman, Doug. It will be my pleasure to play your music in my shows, tell listeners your story and direct them to your website. Thank you for the beautiful music you've sent us and stay in touch. Best wishes from your Polish promo guy.

Przemek Draheim



author: "New Sound" - Zaza
Nice music , nice vocal and nice guitar. I think that if somebody listen this CD one time , will love forever this man !!! Go on Doug - the music need you !!!

Gods of

author: Gary Arthur Brown
Psychedelia, folk, and a slight, endearing groove. This is “IS YOU” in a nut shell. Can you imagine? If you can, go ahead and imagine Bill Withers and Joni Mitchell on the same spaced out trip as ’68-era Brit-heads like the Pretty Things or Syd Barrett. It’s arty and soothing, like a Picaso Smoothie® at an AOR dance party. All in all, a really decent track. The serenity begins with some folk-heavy guitar strumming and plunky leads that make you want smoke Grass™ despite all the straight-edge tattoos you’ve gotten during your stupid and squandered youth. Casperish, ghostly vocal harmonies fill out this warm musical mindscape. Dig in a little deeper and you’ll hear the esoteric lyrics calling you to your eternally blissful state of PSYCHEDELICIZING in a hammock beside strawberry fields forever. This song fits right in on the great album that is Classic Rock, blending conventional and unconventional influences and tones into a Tapestry, much like Carole King. Except, Doug Cash is a man. An interesting and talented specimen of a man. I like this song, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go around choppin’ me head off over it. That would be bloody shameful. I will instead honor my liking of this song by continuing to live out my days, drinking Pepsi ® brand products, eating Italian coldcuts from Serra Brothers’™ Italian Deli, and watching The Simpsons . Thank you. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never remember." GARY ARTHUR BROWN Gods of

Thomas Station Ranch The SoundClique

Let me talk about a true artist here... Doug Cash has been a fixture here on SoundClick for almost as long as I have and let me tell you that while his reviews are concise, a true professional like he is can sum up a tune perfectly in one or two sentences. More importantly, Doug is a great musical talent. Excellent guitar playing and some of the best vocals on SoundClick, not to mention superior production skills. If you haven't yet listened to Doug Cash's music... Do it NOW!

Thomas Station Ranch The SoundClique

author: "New Sound" - Zaza
Nice music , nice vocal and nice guitar. I think that if somebody listen this CD one time , will love forever this man !!! Go on Doug - the music need you !!!