Doug Cash - Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Performer

DC Pryor

Doug Cash, Dizzy Miles, Psycho Craig, Def & Row, Lou Jones, Shaggy Dre, Killhippie, Highbone, Renegade Jazz, Benji Button, Booka.

Singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, performer, publisher, graphic designer.
President of  Pryor 2 What ? Records, owner of Pryor 2 What ? Music Publishing.

I am the Mel Blanc, Oscar Micheaux of rock & soul.
Heavily influenced by Sly & the Family Stone, Beatles, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Yes.
Raised on Big band ( Basie, Ellington, Miller, Goodman) and bebop ( Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie,Thelonious Monk ) I was groovin' with the muse before I could walk.
From Louis Armstrong to Kate Bush, my tastes and influences are wide and varied.
My best friend , Jeff Cooper, and I started writing our first tunes in December of 1975, striving to be the next Lennon/McCartney. Coop ( Jefferson Davis ) is the most original talent I’ve ever known. Curtis Mayfield with a slice of Willie Nelson and a little Otis Rush on the side.
3 ½ years later, while still in high school, I joined the semi pro funk fusion band Technical Force. 3 months after graduation we headed to Los Angeles ( chasing our neurotic lead guitarist whose wife had left him ) to pound the pavement for gigs and to ink the elusive record deal.
I also had the pleasure of working with a great country pop songwriter David Wilks. 6’10’’ tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. Charming as a Cheshire cat. We occasionally performed as the folk duo, Oil & Water. Technical Force will go down as one of the most original bands I ever worked with, but hands down, the most dysfunctional. I left those nut jobs in 83’ and took a gig as a appliance salesman at Kmart.
I started producing my own projects in the summer of 84’ at Studio One in Riverside, Ca. Songs like Emotional Tears, The Light, If Ever I , I Don’t Derserve You and a early version of Fool Play. I was in the process of mastering my first session and hoped to send a copy to my Dad, but he passed while I was in the studio. Through a mutual friend my music was referred to semi pro manager Kip Covert. He shopped my demo around  to his connections at Scotti Bros in L.A. They really seemed to dig the demo version of Fool Play. So we endeavored to clean it up and make it radio ready.
Against my better judgement , I took a back seat as co-producer. Figuring I could live with whatever the final product was for the sake of getting a deal and most importantly getting my family out of the hood.
Kip hired studio cats and tried to arrange the keyboard parts. By the time he was done, it sounded like Journey meets Kansas. He had taken my rockin’blues funk and turned it into 3rd rate elevator schlop. Scotti Bros. gave it the thumbs down.
Kip was a nice guy, but just not as cool or smart as he thought he was.
Over the next year I became a much better producer / arranger. By1986,while  working with my engineer / studio musician Mike Overlin, songs like More Than Special, Hearts Thru Eyes, Knives and Fool Play were solid and truly radio ready. Strong as anything by Hall & Oates, Prince or Springsteen.
I shopped around my new material, but still no buyers. My wife and I separated in 88’.She and the kids went back to Sacramento, Ca and I went to West Covina,Ca. to pursue my music career. I picked up a warehouse job, played open mics and features and joined the Jeannie Willets Band as a bassist.
In late 89’, I came back to Northern California ( for the birth of my youngest son ) to hit the local Sacramento scene. In 1990 I formed 2 bands, Doug Cash Band & Renegade Jazz. In 1991, I joined local  rock fusion band “Mind Club“ and played gigs throughout Northern California. Finally in 1993 ,while still in Mind Club, I joined top 40 band Channel 7 and formed my metal funk group “ Machiavelli “.
After working full time and playing in 3 bands I needed a break from live performance. I picked up a office management gig ,80hrs a wk, and didn’t record for nearly a year, but never stopped writing new material. In 1994, I decided to get back into the studio , Blue Degrees/Enharmonik, with my engineer ( former Machiavelli drummer ) Christian Heilman to produce and record new material and continue to build my publishing catalog that I had started in the mid 80s.
In 1997,I signed with local indie Subgroove Records , played at the Tower Records Corporate office ( MTS ) for the international buyers. My cd “ Pharaohs “ ( DC Pryor & Jeff Cooper ) was internationally distributed in 1999. Not long after the distribution of my cd, I fired the president of Sub Groove for lack of professionalism and for being a pain in the ass.
Last I heard, the investors are still tracking him down.
In 2000, I started my own label,, and formed the band “ The Snapdragons “ , recorded at Soundburst Studios with my engineer Mark Petrie, produced and financed our debut cd and played the local venues. My second wife and I started our own web design business and college radio distributorship. I also joined Mp3 and then Cdbaby to get into the indie self publishing movement. I disbanded the group in 2001 due to lack of focus and interest by the band members. Baby sitting grown folk just aint my thing.
After my 2nd divorce in 2004, I went back to playing open mics, features, happy hours and gigs, all the while writing and recording new material at EME Studios in downtown Sacramento, Ca with my engineer Matt Erich.
Most importantly, I recorded and produced in multiple genres consistently from 2000 to 2015.
In  2010,Sw Records became Pryor 2 What ? Records & Publishing. I now own the publishing rights to over 80 releases ( albums, Eps, and singles ) in multiple genres.

Pryor 2 What ? Records & Publishing is happy to be partnered with Songtradr,Vapor Music,  Producer Content, Music Supervisor, Music Dealer, 21 Dreamz, Bjorlund Publishing and Sugo Muisc Group for licensing opportunities.

The Pryor 2 What ? Records  roster includes: Doug Cash, Jefferson Davis, Dizzy Miles, Cash/Davis, Psycho Craig, DC Pryor, Def & Row, Highbone, Killhippie, Mark Petrie, Lindsay Marie, Lou Jones, Renegade Jazz, Booka, Sunday School, Benji Button, Uncle Frank.

My catalog is available at itunes, Tidal, Shazam, Amazon, cdbaby, Spotify, Youtube and all digital outlets.

DC Pryor
Pryor 2 What ? Records & Publishing


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