The Ratings Game. Much like Johnny Cash could, Doug Cash can electrify with his vocals and guitar-play, too. Personally, I really enjoy when singers meet the topic of love with the urgency it deserves — that could mean passionately or fearlessly. In “Believe In The Love,” singer/songwriter Doug Cash meets it with both. From the moment you press play on “Believe In The Love,” you are met with vibrant guitar-play and infectious bass that practically tugs at your heart and tears at your soul. Over this instrumental, Doug gives us quite the performance, discussing the importance of sticking with love through its ups and downs, and realizing how powerful it can be in your life. I think the melody he utilizes to deliver each and every one of his messages is phenomenal, and the emotions he was able to exude throughout felt all the way authentic. Matter of fact, I also started to believe in love after listening to it. Make sure you check out Doug Cash’s “Believe In The Love” HERE! OVERALL RATING (4.5/5) ” - Widows Peak Bandit

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Broadscreen Review Translation: Emotional betrayal. When were you the last time reveal emotional? Emotionally Hintergangen? So, really exploited, no matter now if. From your friend, your girlfriend, your parents, your colleagues or your boss Each of us has already gone through: In a moment you trust the person completely and break one hundred percent up by a single fact the complete trust bond with this person in thousands of shards. Doug Cash seems to the whole also happened to be we-believe. After all, is his new folk-pop single "Emotional Treason" and meets the subject pretty much. For over 40 years Cash writes his own songs and can also be dissuaded from doing nothing. Musically it can be influenced thereby his own words of Sly & the Family Stone, The Beatles, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Yes. You can hear the mighty voice of Doug Cash in his song "Better Off Dead" from the year 2008. The Chansonist with the guitar and the feeling of sadness, but also security in the voice is a gifted songwriter. In "Emotional Treason" is about the input mentioned feeling ambush, but also about much more. Why would you say true love will not come your way?" He begins the emotional rollercoaster. "How can you say that you'll never find true love?" Doug Cash will begin its track with a statement that makes hope. Hope for anyone who feels eternally lonely and alone. While the soulful guitar shreds in front of him, to cash each verse increases with each additional line, until he finally reached the peak of his powerful voice in the chorus. Here you buy  "Emotional Treason" by Doug Cash. Doug Cash is also at Twitter. ” - Vincent Bittner

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